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SmashBoogie 4x4
Whether you're smashin' over rocks or you boogie through the mud SmashBoogie 4x4 has what you need.

Smashboogie 4x4 is primarily a Jeep specialist however we are able to supply you with any off road parts you may need for any truck.  E-mail us at or call us at 973-440-0047.

If you want something and do not see it listed on our website it does not mean we cannot get that part.  We are spending lots of time on the Forums to better assist all Jeep enthusiasts, because of that we are unable to update our website as quickly as we would like.  We feel it is better customer service to assist everyone on the Forums.  E-mail us at and we will get you a quote.  

Here at Smashboogie 4x4 we pride ourselves in excellent customer service with real life actual use of our products.  We only sell the products that we use and trust on our personal rigs.  Not only do we use the products we sell but we also perform all of our own installations.  If you have an installation question we will be able to supply you with an accurate answer based on experience.  When you contact us you will have direct communications with us, the owners of Smashboogie 4x4.

Let us take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.  Jake and Tom are the owners of Smashboogie 4x4, both of us have been professional mechanics for the past 11 years.  As children we were always fascinated by monster trucks, quads, and dirt bikes.  At a very young age we learned to ride quads and from our first trip to the trails we knew we wanted to build a Jeep into a serious off-road machine.  

About Jake

From the age of five I knew I wanted a Jeep.  I can still remember climbing to a new YJ, the top was down and the doors were off.  I climbed into the back seat and was ready for the ride I wouldn't forget.  Granted the YJ was totally stock, the ride was just around town, and over some speed bumps, but I knew I would be driving my own Wrangler one day.  As many years went by I continued my interest in the automotive world.  I always made improvements every way possible to anything I owned that had wheels.  When I did finally start to drive one of my first vehicles was an S10 pick up, the Jeep was just not in the budget at the time, but the S10 would have to do (for now).  Being the average 17 year old I quickly installed a body lift and the largest tires I could fit (cutting the wheel wells of course).  Now the truck was ready for the trails, or so I thought.  I took the truck off road, locally and found anything I could climb over and as many mud pits as possible.  Since the truck was completely stock other than a body lift it really was not capable of much.  I can remember coming very close to rolling the truck multiple times.  I would go to a series of mud pits near by and throw as much mud as possible all over.  I tried every pit possible however I always avoided one pit that everyone around me knows as "Bertha".  This pit is known for swallowing cars whole.  The only thing I had ever seen make it through was a Deuce and a half, and that made it look easy.  So here I am young and dumb thinking "I can do that!".  I decided to try and make it through.  Well needless to say the S10 did not stand a chance, I hydro locked the engine and was stuck directly in the middle.  I pull the truck out with help from my friend, pulled the spark plugs, and got it running again.  Luckily I was able to save the truck for a little while.  At the time I was working for a sports car shop and peer pressure set in.  I took a break from the taking trucks off road and began to race cars.  I ended up with a Ford F150 (needed a tow vehicle) and drove that for years.  Now racing cars is fun but its only so much fun.  I decided to take the truck off road again.  At that point I quickly realized that the F150 was not the right vehicle for me.  One morning I woke up and thought "I'm getting a Wrangler!"  So off to the dealer I went, traded in the F150 and walked out with a brand new JK.  The second I drove it off the lot I was happy.  Once I got home I took a look out my window to admire my new purchase and again I was disappointed.  As much as I love the JK in stock form it just looks "whimpy".  I quickly ordered a budget boost and wheels and tires.  I was happy again, but only so happy.  I have since then installed bumpers, a winch, and rock sliders.  Time to go wheelin'!  After one trip out I decided "I need a real lift".  Now don't get me wrong the JK performs well with just a budget boost however it does not compare to a real lift.  Just to give you all a little more background about myself, I have always been into cars.  I have always worked on my own cars, I graduated from Lincoln Technical Institute, and have only had a job in the automotive field.  I will gladly give advice based on my experience to anyone that asks.

About Tom

The earliest off road experience that I can remember is from my uncles cabin in upstate NY. There were always trikes and dirt bikes scattering the property every time I went there. One morning I came outside to the sound of him firing up his old Honda 250R. He told me to hop on in front of him and he'd let me control the throttle. I did so slowly as instructed, he let the clutch out and we were off. The only problem was he didn't anticipate my eagerness and within a split second I punched the throttle to the end of its travel. We hit the power band and flipped right over. Since then I have owned many off road vehicles but the one I have been most passionate about is my 2001 Jeep Cherokee. I bought it thinking I needed a vehicle that I wouldn't wind up tampering with and was going to keep as a stock daily driver. Sure enough a few months later an opportunity arose to get a long arm lift kit for nothing but 2 weekends of my time. Ten days after the installation of my new lift, I flipped the Jeep and all of my hard work was washed away with a slight rookie mistake. Now all I was left with was a mangled unibody attached to a good suspension and a head full of frustration. I thought about tearing the rig down and parting it out but someone told me of a Cherokee for sale that was the same year and color of my wreck. It wound up in my drive way the same day and back to the shop I went. Another weekend to tear the wreck down and install the salvageable parts into the new Jeep and I was back in business. From that point on I have been upgrading the Jeep and taking it out wheeling any chance I get. I have been through 5 years of Automotive and Welding classes and put what I learned to the test since I was old enough to work in a shop. I have worked at multiple different performance, diesel and 4x4 repair environments and now I'm working with my long time neighbor and best friend to make Smashboogie 4x4 a place where Jeep and off road enthusiasts can come to for quality parts and outstanding service for many years to come.