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Rock Krawler Stackable Front Bump Stops
Rock Krawler Stackable Front Bump Stops
Our Price: $59.00

The Rock Krawler billet aluminum stackable front bump stops are great way for Jeep owner to dial in the up travel of their vehicle! They are machined from billet 6061 aluminum and can be combined to achieve various heights!

System Benefits:

   Billet aluminum bump stops
   Stackable to achieve various heights

System Includes:
(2) billet aluminum bump stops
Teraflex 2" Budget Boost - Grand Cherokee ZJ (1993-1998)
Teraflex 2" Budget Boost - Grand Cherokee ZJ (1993-1998)
Our Price: $142.24

The Budget Boost is a simple and economical way to lift a Jeep®. It’s great if you want to fit 30-inch tires. This kit will provide one and a half inches of lift. It is not designed to be used in addition to an aftermarket suspension.
Liquid Iron Industries XJ Shackle Relocation Brackets
Liquid Iron Industries XJ Shackle Relocation Brackets
Our Price: $149.00

The shackle angle on Jeep Cherokees suffers greatly after lift springs are installed.  These 100% bolt in shackle relocation brackets move the shackle pivot bolt down and forward to cure the issue.  Users note significant increases in offroad ability, flex, and ride characteristics.  They are made right here in the USA from domestic A-36 plate steel and CNC laser cut and jig welded for accuracy.
Liquid Iron Industries Slider Box Kit
Liquid Iron Industries Slider Box Kit
Our Price: $149.00

The Liquid Iron Industries Slider Box Kits are designed to significantly stabilize long travel leaf spring suspensions on practically any vehicle.  These slider boxes completely replace the standard shackle configuration found on leaf spring setups allowing for smoother operation with less bushings.  Additional stability is achieved by eliminating the upper pivot point on longer (5" or more) shackles which reduces body sway in off camber and high speed driving.  Self lubricating UHMW pucks are the only moving part on the LII shackle boxes which makes them stone cold reliable in the most demanding situations.  Competition tested and proven design is a must for any budget minded leaf spring build.
JKS Quicker Disconnects
JKS Quicker Disconnects
Our Price: $160.00

The unique variable-length design enables JKS Quicker Disconnects to correct improper anti-sway bar angle caused by vehicle changes, such as: spring settling or sagging, minor lift changes, heavy accessories, vehicle trim or rake adjustments, and other factors that affect ride height. JKS Quicker Disconnects are also the easiest to operate, due in part to tapered stainless steel mounting posts and floating, spherical polyurethane bushings. With the lengths adjusted properly for the vehicle, the user can even operate our Quicker Disconnects when parked on uneven surfaces. Removing the convenient click-pins allow the disconnects to slide easily from their mounting posts for safe stowage inside the vehicle, or to be secured to the vehicle with the sway bar, depending on the application. Manufactured from premium heavy-gauge steel, JKS Quicker Disconnects are robotically MIG welded for superior quality standards. Zinc plating and a durable powder coat finish provide unsurpassed protection from corrosion and the elements. Grease Zerks provide easy lubrication, and ensure proper flow of grease to adjustment threads and bushings. The bushings themselves are injection molded Dura-Thane pieces exclusively designed for JKS to maximize grease distribution and allow full rotation under loads.
Rock Krawler 3.5" Triple Rate Front Coil Springs
Rock Krawler 3.5" Triple Rate Front Coil Springs
Our Price: $179.00

Rock Krawler 3.5" Triple Rate Rear Coil Springs
Rock Krawler 3.5" Triple Rate Rear Coil Springs
Our Price: $179.00

Rock Krawler  2.0 RRD Emulsion Shocks
Rock Krawler 2.0 RRD Emulsion Shocks
Our Price: $179.00

The RRD Racing 2.0 Emulsion Shock is the ultimate emulsion shock ever manufactured for Jeep vehicles. The 2.0 fluted body has an exterior cooling surface area greater than standard 2.0” body shocks. The fluting provides the structure required to ensure the aluminum cylinders will be as strong if not stronger than their steel 2.0” counter parts! The aluminum bodies are treated with a hard annodized coating for durability. The shock shafts are made from 3/4” Nitrotec Steel. The Nitrotec Steel is Nitride coated to achieve the surface hardness and since they are bare, you do not have to worry about chrome plating pitting or flaking which will eventually destroy the seals. One Viton and one Buna double lip wiper seal the shock shaft. A high quality DU bearing is used to provide the bearing surface for the massive 3/4” shaft.

The RRD Racing 2.0 Emulsion shocks have a built in poly bump stop and wiper assembly! The dampening duties are handling by a billet aluminum valve circuit with digressive valving! High quality Amsoil shock therapy fluid puts the finishing touches on the dampening duties. A custom moly piston wear band is used to minimize and or prevent shock body wear! The RRD Racing 2.0 Emulsion Shock is the ultimate emulsion shock for Jeep Vehicles. It is a shock that won’t rust. It is a fraction of the weight of the competitions 2.0 steel body counter parts and cools twice as fast for fade free performance! All RRD Racing Shocks come with a 90 Day Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship!
  • Hard annodized aluminum fluted shock body
  • Best cooling emulsion shock in the industry
  • Lightest weight shock in its class
  • 3/4” Nitrotec Steel shaft
  • Viton o-ring and double lip Buna N shaft seals
  • Billet aluminum valve circuit with digressive valving
  • High quality Amsoil shock therapy oil
  • Moly piston wear band
  • Serviceable, rebuild-able, re-valve-able, completely tune able by the factory or the do it yourselfer
  • Easily upgraded to a remote reservoir shock
The available shock lengths are as follows;
  • 6.00” Travel Compressed Dimension of 12.50” - Extended Dimension of 18.50”
  • 7.00” Travel Compressed Dimension of 13.50” - Extended Dimension of 20.50”
  • 8.00” Travel Compressed Dimension of 14.50” - Extended Dimension of 22.50”
  • 9.00” Travel Compressed Dimension of 15.50” - Extended Dimension of 24.50”
  • 10.00” Travel Compressed Dimension of 16.50” - Extended Dimension of 26.50”
  • 11.00” Travel Compressed Dimension of 17.50” - Extended Dimension of 28.50”
  • 12.00” Travel Compressed Dimension of 18.50” - Extended Dimension of 30.50”
  • 13.00” Travel Compressed Dimension of 19.50” - Extended Dimension of 32.50”
  • 14.00” Travel Compressed Dimension of 20.50” - Extended Dimension of 34.50”
  • 15.00” Travel Compressed Dimension of 21.50” - Extended Dimension of 36.50”
  • 16.00” Travel Compressed Dimension of 22.50” - Extended Dimension of 38.50”
Please choose your shock length and valving appropriately. Please note; a separate or solid bump stop is strongly advised and always use a limiting strap to prevent from over extending your shock! This will ensure a long life for your shock.

From the time of order, typical turn around time is 10 to 15 business days. If you have any questions or need any help please give us a call. Our trained staff will be more than happy to help you out to ensure you get the right shock for you.

* The shock valving is a standard 60/40 split similar to most other manufacturers. Valving is also similar in selection!
** All RRD Racing 2.0 Emulsion Shocks have bushings with a clevis mounting width of 1 9/16 and a 1/2” bore both top and bottom. 1 ¼” mounting width spherical bearings with a ½” bore can be ordered for an additional charge!
*** The Hard Annodized Aluminum Body Finish looks more like gun metal gray in person than it does clear aluminum!

(0) Zero valving or no shims; (30) is Light valving; (40) is Light-Medium valving; (50) is Medium valving; (60) is Medium-Firm valving; (70) Firm valving; (80) is Extra Firm valving, and (90) is Hard valving.
When ordering the first number is always your compression dampening and the second number is your rebound dampening! For example a 40/60 valved shock would be a shock that is Light-Medium in compression dampening and Medium-Firm in rebound dampening.

Please email with size, mounting, and valving specifics.
Synergy JK Front Track Bar & Sector Shaft Brace Kit
Synergy JK Front Track Bar & Sector Shaft Brace Kit
Our Price: $200.00

Our Price: $215.00

The Rock Krawler Wrangler JK 1.75” Budget Based Long Travel System is the perfect starting place for JK owners looking to run 33 inch tall tires. We provide you with 1 3/4" of front end lift and 3/4" of rear lift for a much more level stance. We have also included front sway bar disconnects to improve front axle articulation for better off-road ability. This system will ride and handle like stock!